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San Diego HOA Management


Each HOA (Homeowners Association) is required to meet very specific legal requirements, ranging from accounting of all funds to the proper use of the funds collected.  It is in the best interest of an HOA Board to contract with a professional and experienced HOA management firm to be certain that the common areas, which contribute to each owner’s investment, are being handled appropriately.


Strategic Realty Group offers HOA Management Services


All of our HOA community managers have been trained by the Association of Professional Community Managers, which is the premier educational source for our industry.  We are trained in the legal basis and general requirements for associations, financial management for associations, facilities management and Board meeting preparation and leadership.


We understand that many of you are volunteers for your Board, which is sometimes a "thank-less" job. It requires a lot of work and focus to stay on top of financial information, keep open and positive communication with homeowners, and understand and enforce CC&R's. We know that being a board member is multi-faceted job, and we aim to alleviate that pressure.


Each month you, as an HOA Board member, will receive a comprehensive yet easily understood financial report, accounting for all association dues received, all expenses paid, copies of the operating and reserve bank accounts and reconciliation reports for both accounts.  You will know that we are taking excellent care of the HOA property as well as the finances.


Strategic Realty group will also build your HOA specific website, that serves as a conduit for Board Members to share updates with residents, and allow online payments through a secure web payment portal. Each resident and board member will have their own password login. The website also includes a place for all CC&R's, meeting minutes, and governing documents. Please view our Huntington Pacific Beach House HOA website as an example.


We also provide educational resources and articles delivered right to your inbox every month. Our exclusive HOA email newsletter will keep you up to date with recent news and legislative updates, as well as offer helpful insight into dealing with other board members and homeowner interactions. Join our Strategic Realty Group HOA community now, by signing up here


In summary, we work with the HOA Board to assure all requirements are met and the facility it properly maintained, and we do it in a friendly and professional manner.  While the HOA Board is our primary point-of-contact, individual owners are always welcome to reach out to us with questions or concerns.

We look forward to hearing from you about the challenges you face and how we can help relieve the pressure that comes along with being an effective and proactive HOA Board member. Contact us today!

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Need #propertymanagement for industrial? SRG has years of #industrialproperty mgmt experience. Video portfolio: https://t.co/5NlFh3ySP9