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Strategic Realty Group provides comprehensive and sophisticated San Diego commercial property management services to business owners throughout the county. 


We have been licensed since 1986, and our team members have an average of 22 years of commercial property management experience, including development and ownership.   We have managed 3.5 million square foot portfolios on the institutional level, as well as 5,000 square foot free-standing office buildings.   Projects are viewed through the eyes of the owner, and our job is to maximize your cash flow and asset value.


Each commercial property type, be it industrial, health care, retail or office, has its own unique characteristics and tenant personalities.   The property management concerns for an industrial distribution center are quite different than those of an office building.  With our experience with all types of commercial properties, we achieve unparalleled results for our clients.


Commercial Property Management | San Diego

We utilize Yardi software, considered the state-of-the-art in our industry.  Each month owners receive a full set of statements, including a Balance Sheet, Cash Flow Statement, Income Statement, Revenue Register, Expense Register, Receivable Aging Report and a Rent Roll.  But even more useful for many is our one-page summary of the property’s performance.  In two or three minutes you will have a solid snapshot of the prior month.


We add real value through our network of reliable and cost-effective vendors, ranging form elevator maintenance firms to landscapers.  For less intensive work, we utilize our in-house maintenance team, saving you significant money.


If you are looking for the best in quality when it comes to San Diego Commercial Property Management Services - talk to Strategic Realty Group


Understanding how to communicate to each tenant effectively is paramount to growing our company based on a solid foundation of trust.  With tenants who know they are being treated fairly, we achieve very high tenant retention – just over 96% in 2013.  This decreases releasing and vacancy costs, again leading to our prime objective of maximizing cash flow. 

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We offer online payment services for all of our properties and clients!
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Need #propertymanagement for industrial? SRG has years of #industrialproperty mgmt experience. Video portfolio: