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Apartment Management


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How Does Our Apartment Management Group Differ From The Rest?


Let’s start with our story. Strategic Realty Group was founded with the sole mission to help apartment owners maximize cash flow while minimizing owners’ need to deal with the day-to-day operations of managing an apartment building.  We have been licensed for more than 27 years, and have dealt with every type of apartment property and issue imaginable.


An ideal apartment management company in San Diego should maximize your short, medium and long-term cash flow while assuring the asset is properly maintained. We have helped countless apartment owners throughout San Diego exceed their financial goals and take the stress away of the daily tasks required to successfully manage the apartment building and tenant relations. View some of our apartment portfolios:


Vine Street Apartments, Oceanside, CA

Boston Centennial Apartments, Pasadena, CA


Our apartment management accounting systems are state-of-the-art, assuring accurate revenue and expense reporting, and we provide easy to understand, yet sophisticated, monthly reports.  It is our job to make the property’s financial performance comprehendible.  While we always include complete financial information for our clients, we also summarize the information on a single page highlighting the most important aspects, so understanding the high level aspects is quick and easy for our apartment owners.


We provide a sophisticated system for inspecting, and maintaining apartment and multi-unit properties, including regular site visits and working with qualified vendors that understand how to appropriately maintain the facilities.  If there are any problems, we are the people the tenants call.  No more 2:00 o'clock in the morning calls to you from tenants with issues! We've got it handled.

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Why Is It Important To Have Happy Tenants?


Maintaining great tenant relationships increases the likelihood of having happy tenants that will stay long-term, and be willing to pay regular increases, which improve the value of your property.  We approach tenants with a professional attitude, and although they may not always agree with the position we take as your representatives, they know that we will treat them fairly and with respect.


Strategic Realty Group is able to provide apartment and commercial property management services throughout San Diego County in a cost-effective manner through utilizing established and proven systems, assuring consistent service to all clients.


Call us today to start maximizing cash flow and assist you with the day-to-day operations of your apartment building investment!


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Need #propertymanagement for industrial? SRG has years of #industrialproperty mgmt experience. Video portfolio: https://t.co/5NlFh3ySP9